World welcomes 2021 with new expectations...

Dhaka, Sunday   17 January 2021

World welcomes 2021 with new expectations

 Feature Correspondent

 Published: 10:38 AM, 1 January 2021   Updated: 11:43 AM, 1 January 2021



The New Year 2021 has arrived, as a result, the worldwide people had to farewell 2020 with a bitter experience. Whether compelled or voluntarily, the new year 2021 has taken its place in glory. Which took last year in 2020. So it can be said - the year 2021 has come to an end with endless laughter, tears, joy and pain of 2020.

The New Year’s Eve countdown began just after sundown on Thursday. When the clock ticked 12:00 am, the Bangladeshis welcomed the new year with various events all over the country including the capital. The yearbook of 2020 remained on the old list.

The departure of 2020 marks another milestone in the journey of the infinite. This is the journey of the great age, each year comes with new stimulus and inspiration. We erase the filth of the past year. We find encouragement from happy events, then move on for the new day.

On that occasion, even in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Christian New Year 2021 has been welcomed in the country with splendid fireworks and lighting. People have welcomed the new year with new dreams of survival in the midst of various crises, conflicts and persecutions, a new impetus to fight and new hopes of overcoming the crisis.

The new year has brought endless expectations to everyone. Let this new journey move forward with time. Let the whole country, the world, wake up to the new call. May 2021 bring happiness and prosperity to people’s lives.