World Teacher’s Day today; History, significance for this year...

Dhaka, Friday   27 November 2020

World Teacher’s Day today; History, significance for this year

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 Published: 11:51 AM, 5 October 2020  

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World Teacher’s Day is being celebrated worldwide on Monday, October 5. Based on the decision taken at the 26th session of UNESCO in 1994, UNESCO Director-General Dr. Frederick M. Mayer’s groundbreaking announcement marked the beginning of the celebration of World Teacher’s Day on October 5.

Since then, World Teacher’s Day has been celebrated with due dignity in many countries of the world including Bangladesh since October 5, 1995. This is the best honor for ‘teacher’ professionals across the country and abroad. The purpose is also for the next generation to observe the day with effective and due dignity.

The day is observed to commemorate the contribution of teachers. Education International and its 401 member organizations play a key role in celebrating this day. 

Education International thinks it is important for the world to recognize a special day at the national level – which deserves to be given due recognition of teachers in social reform education. Teachers are people builders. Bangladesh has been celebrating this day from the beginning.

According to UNESCO, World Teacher’s Day is celebrated in recognition of the outstanding contribution of teachers to education and development. 

However, in our country, in some cases, the mentality of looking at “teaching as a profession” has not yet developed. The state still wants to see teaching as a “vow”. Every year, World Teacher’s Day is celebrated with all the wonderful themes, no matter how the teachers are in their personal lives.

This year, the day has been celebrated with the theme ‘Teachers: Leading in crisis, reimagining the future’.  

However, in India, this day is celebrated on September 5. India’s first vice president and second president and eminent academician Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan’s birth anniversary on that day. As a result, the day is celebrated as Teacher’s Day to show gratitude for the contribution of teachers towards building the future of the students. 

Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was an eminent academic of India, Bharat Ratna holder, 1st vice president and the 2nd president in 1962. It is heard that some students, friends wanted to celebrate his birthday, however, Radhakrishnan said that “he would be proud if his birthday was celebrated separately for all the teachers in the country”.

This appeal expresses his love and respect for the teachers. As a result, Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan’s birthday was celebrated as Teacher’s Day since September 5, 1962.

He believed that only the most intelligent people in the country should be teachers. Dr. Radhakrishnan’s father was against his English education and going to school, instead, he wanted his son to be a priest 

Meritorious Dr. Radhakrishnan completed most of his studies with the help of scholarships. He was knighted by the British government in 1931 for his unprecedented contribution to education. 

Some unknown facts about Teacher’s Day:

Teacher’s Day is celebrated in several countries like Germany, England, Russia, Romania, Serbia. Moreover, the day is celebrated in more than 100 different countries in the world. Teacher’s Day is celebrated on February 28 in countries like Libya, Morocco, Algeria, United Arab Emirates. UNESCO started celebrating “World Teacher’s Day” on October 5, 1994, to honor the contribution of teachers.