Alexa World Friendship Day today 

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World Friendship Day today 

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 Published: 10:51 AM, 4 August 2019   Updated: 10:52 AM, 4 August 2019



Friends — The word is very small, but this relationship is like the cool water in the thirst of life. Friends can be said like the moon. It’s like- wherever you go in the moonlight, the moon will go with you. Wherever they go, even from the sky, they will say, ‘I am here.’ Today is World Friendship Day. The day is celebrated in every year’s first Sunday of August. 

There are no specific days or times needed to be friends. There is not even an age limit. Just as peers can be friends, elder-younger people can be friends at any age. You can become friends only if your mind is one and united. 

It is known that Friendship Day was planned and originated from the United States. There the first ‘Friendship Day’ was celebrated in 1935- first Sunday of August. However, many disagree.

It is not essential to gift something very precious to your friend to make the day memorable. The main key is to show love and sincerity for a friend. Meeting a friend with some fresh colorful flowers can make the day a lot of fun. A small friendship belt can add to that joy.

Friendship helps people to develop good habits, reduce depression and keep them mentally healthy and beautiful. It also increases immunity. 

Holt-Lindstedt, a professor of psychology at the University of Birmingham, has studied on a long-standing relationship with friendship, showing research that friendless people are more likely to become obese, suffer from loneliness. He claims that their life expectancy will also be reduced.