Alexa Woe to 6 upazilas for Rangamati launch shutdown 

Dhaka, Monday   21 October 2019


Woe to 6 upazilas for Rangamati launch shutdown 

 M Nazim Uddin, Rangamati

 Published: 03:55 PM, 23 April 2019  

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Launch service on Kaptai Lake was stopped due to water of the lake is drying. Nearly 2 lakh people of Rangamati’s 6 upazila have suffered. In the last two days, the passenger transport service is valid on Langadu and Bilaichari routes, but the launch movement has been stopped on Monday in all routes of Bilaichari-Langadu-Barkal-Jurachari-Bagaichhari-Naniarchar.  

Submersible char has risen up in the Rangamati Sadar Upazila’s Chengi and Langadu Upazila’s Kattoli Beel due to decreasing water level. Even in many places, it is possible to walk on foot. Passenger transport has stopped. Launch cannot be reached in the Upazila Sadar from a long time ago. Rangamati Launch Owners Association is running the small ink-driven boat by thinking about the passenger.

On Monday, ATM Abajjur Jaher, the project manager of the Kaptai Water Power Center, said the water level in the lake is now very low. Currently, the water level in the lake is 80.16 percent, where it was supposed to be 83.80 MSL (Min Sea Level) or feet. 

Moin Uddin Selim, president of Rangamati Shipping Authority said, “Due to water level of Kaptai Lake is decreasing in abnormal rate, the launch movement in the two upazilas was stopped on Saturday. Besides, launch movement in all upazilas was stopped on Monday. As the navigability of the lake decreased, the main channels of the lake were filled up with the river bed.”

“It is very sad that the launch movement on the Kaptai Lake was stopped. Cannot say anything about dredging. If the government allows us to do dredging work, we will think about it. Now we are thinking about an alternative route,” said BIWTA chairman commodore Md. Mahbubul Islam.       

DC AKM Mamunur Rashid said, “It is not possible to recover from this crisis until the dredging has been done on the lake. For the capital dredging on Kaptai Lake, we have repeatedly sent a letter to the higher level. Meanwhile, a BIWTA representative has done surveys. A few days ago, I have informed them about the river protection of Bandarban in a meeting and they have taken note of this.”