Alexa Why railway crossing ‘death trap’?

Dhaka, Monday   26 August 2019


Why railway crossing ‘death trap’?

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 Published: 10:46 PM, 16 July 2019  

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Bangladesh railway has about 2,800 kilometer of rail line including broad gauge, meter gauge and dual gauge across the country. And about 2,500 railway (level) crossing on the way. But there are only 1400 valid crossing all over the way. Of this, 85 percent of rail crossings are vulnerable. Half of which are illegal again while gateman are is not available for all of legal crossings. In this way, accidents have become every day affairs on these rail way death trap.

Experts have begun to introduce modern signaling system with necessary manpower recruitment at level crossings. And an assurance to take necessary steps has been lauded from the railway like the past.

Regarding such vulnerable and risky circumstances, the railway states, in the convenience of movement various local, road and traffic departments, union councils, district councils, and even non-government organizations have made crossings for their own needs, which are completely risky.

Again the valid crossings of the railways have also become death-trapped in some places. The gateman has only 466 level crossings while rest of 946 are running without gate man. Experts have urged to focus on recruiting the necessary manpower as well as looking at the modern signaling system.

Rail says the process of legalizing illegal crossings has been started.

Experts advise to run the campaign to make people aware of avoiding accidents.