Why AB de Villiers change his name in Jersey?...

Dhaka, Friday   30 October 2020

Why AB de Villiers change his name in Jersey?

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 Published: 02:17 PM, 21 September 2020  

Why AB de Villiers change his name in Jersey?

Why AB de Villiers change his name in Jersey?

The profile of South African star batsman AB de Villiers on Instagram changed abruptly last night (Sunday). As many fans of this cricketer have kept an eye on his profile, everyone becomes surprised. Because the South African batsman has seen wearing a jersey inked with 'Paritosh Pant' on it.

De Villiers himself explained the reason for such a change. Basically, this batsman has not changed his name. He will be seen in IPL 2020 wearing a jersey inked with 'Paritosh Pant'. As a result, Paritosh Pant will be on his Instagram and Twitter accounts throughout the event.

Who is Paritosh Pant? According to de Villiers, Restauranter Paritosh Pant is an Indian COVID-19 hero. He stood by the helpless people during this coronavirus pandemic. Along with another friend, he gave food to the neddy regularly. De Villiers will wear the jersey inked with 'Paritosh Pant' in honor of this extraordinary work of pleasure.

Villiers wrote on Facebook, "Sharing food has always been considered a sacred act. That's why I salute Paritosh Pant. He and his friend Pooja launched ‘Project Feeding from Far' during the lockdown and fed millions of helpless people. They are my COVID-19 heroes. I have written the name of Paritosh in my jersey to honor their work in this edition of IPL. If you have a story of such a hero, let us know."

Earlier, De Villiers' team Royal Challengers Bangalore had said that they would honor the real heroes through the 'My-COVID-Heroes' campaign. As part of this, the players of the team will wear jerseys with the message 'My-COVID-Heroes' during the practice and main match of this year's IPL.