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Dhaka, Thursday 24 Jan, 2019

Who will be ‘opposition leader’?

Qazi Lutful KabirDaily-Bangladesh.com
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The 11th Jatiya Sangsad Election is over, now the discussion is on ‘who will be the main opposition party as well as the main opposition leader in next parliament’.

Election result shows that, the number of seats attained BNP as well as the Oikyafront is not enough to be the main opposition party in the parliament as constitution directs that the immediate contestant party will be the main opposition party.

Ershad’s Jatiya Party is in the second position considering numeric value of the seats.

On the other hand, if JP’s all seats are shown as the alliance with Awami League, the BNP lead Oikyafront with seven seats will be the main opposition in the current parliament.

But sound from the JP gestures another aspect, that JP has provide 144 alliance-free candidates in respective constituencies where AL was also as rival in the elections despite of Grand Alliance. Besides this, JP’s candidates who elected in alliance with AL, their election symbol was not ‘Boat’, they are elected with JP’s Plough symbol.

According this, JP is the second highest winner after AL in the election. Then, BNP-Led Oikysfront is in the third position. So Ershad’s JP should be the main opposition in the Parliament.

Regarding this matter, JP’s presidium member and newly elected MP Fakhrul Imam said “We had election alliance with Awami League, its right, they voted us in some constituencies and we voted them in some other seats in same way. But now there is no alliance anymore.”

“But we can talk. Whether we will be the part of government or will stay as opposition party yet, both doors are open, if we want,” Imam said. There is no constitutional barrier for JP to be the main opposition in the Parliament, he also claimed.

But now question is that, who will be the opposition leader?

There are three potential leaders in the JP regarding this object. Ershad, the present chairmen of the party, Senior Co-Chairman and the present opposition leader Rowshan Ershad, and JP Co-Chairman GM Quader.

Sources informed, both of the Chairman and senior Co-Chairman are not physically okay. So party is thinking about GM Quader, the third one.

Meanwhile, Fakhrul Imam said, “Madam (Rawshan Ershad) is going to be the opposition leader as Sir (Ershad) is not physically okay. So I know nothing on any other decision.”


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