What happens if the super over is also tied?...

Dhaka, Tuesday   01 December 2020

What happens if the super over is also tied?

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 Published: 06:04 PM, 19 October 2020   Updated: 06:15 PM, 19 October 2020

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

Do you remember the final match of  ICC Cricket World Cup 2019? The epic final was tied, super over tied and finally England beat New Zealand to lift trophy on boundary count. For the first time in World Cup history, a Super Over was required to determine the winner. 

The final amassed  a lots of controversies that forced to be hurt for the kiwi supporters.  

Then the International Cricket Council (ICC) on Monday came up with new Super Over regulations that firstly used in South Africa vs England and South Africa vs Australia series in the last February to be used in the event of a tie in T20 International matches. 
Nevertheless, Kings XI Punjab had beat Mumbai Indians in unprecedented 2-Super Over encounter, for the first time in the cricket history. 

The following procedures shall apply if the playing conditions provide for a super over to decide the winner of a tied match and even the super over also be tied. 

1) If the Super Over is tied, then subsequent Super Overs will be played until there is a winner.
2) In normal circumstances, any subsequent Super Over will start 5 minutes after the previous Super Over ends. The interval shall be 5 minutes.
3) The team batting second in the previous Super Over will bat first in the subsequent Super Over.
4) The balls selected for use by each team in the previous Super Over shall be used again by the same team in subsequent Super Overs.
5) The fielding side must bowl its over in a subsequent Super Over from the opposite end to which it bowled from in the previous Super Over.
6) Any batsman dismissed in any previous Super Over shall be ineligible to bat in the following Super Over.
7) The bowler who bowled the over in the previous Super Over shall be ineligible to bowl the over in the subsequent Super Over.
8) All other playing conditions will be the same as for the initial Super Over.