Alexa Wedding of garments owners’ daughter today

Dhaka, Monday   24 February 2020


Wedding of garments owners’ daughter today

All workers gifted with dresses

 Chattogram Correspondent

 Published: 02:30 PM, 5 January 2020   Updated: 04:09 PM, 5 January 2020

Preeti and Nilay

Preeti and Nilay

News of ‘Yellowish’ program (part of the wedding ceremony) of the only daughter of the Independent Garments’ owner in Chattogram city's Nasirabad industrial area, has been buzzing on the country’s social media platforms for a few days. On this Yellowish, all the 1 thousand and 500 workers of the garments were invited and were given the same ceremonial dress on behalf of the owner. The marriage will be completed today.

The wedding ceremony is organized at the Navy Convention Center in the city. On the occasion of only daughter Preeti’s marriage, the garments’ owner SM Abu Tayyab has given the same ceremonial Punjabi to all the male workers and same Shari to all the female workers, as he has taken for his own family members.


SM Abu Tayab with daughter

Regarding the program, SM Abu Tayyab, owner of the Independent Garments and also the Vice Chairman of the Central Committee of NiSCha (Nirapad Sarak Chai), said “It was not for publicity. Garment factory workers have many roles for me, for daughters, and for the whole family.” “Actually they have brought me to this position spending their blood-sweat; And given my child the dignity. I think they are part of my family. So I did the ceremony of my daughter with them.” He also asked everyone's blessings for his child.

SM Abu Tayyab's only daughter, Preeti, is getting married to Shafiul Islam Molla Nilay son of Aslam Molla and Rubina Mollah of the Baridhara area in Dhaka.