Wear saree in winter and stay warm...

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Wear saree in winter and stay warm

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 Published: 09:04 PM, 11 November 2019  

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Many girls and women do not comfort to wear saree during the winter because of the cold. But there is nothing to worries. There are five styles of wearing saree during the winter season without hampering your smartness. Even it will enhance your beauty, smart and cool.

Saree with leggings

In the mild winter, you can wear Saree with leggings. But do not be afraid to wear a saree like this. It is very easy to wear, take notice that the saree over leggings is bent with one side and wrap it with the other side. However, the main attraction of wearing a saree is the waistband. Try this year with the waistband of any dark or light design with your favorite cotton saree.

Saree with a white shirt

In winter thick cloth of white shirt is available so you can buy it as you like and also you may buy a silk saree to combine. To wear saree with white shirt you have to in your shirt on one side and leave the other side, as shown in the picture. You can also put your bend in the back but it looks smarter bend on the front side. This style is perfect in the mild winter.

Ghagra style saree

Wear the saree in a single layer like a ghagra. Wear the saree of looking at the picture, it will help you wear the saree very easily.

Denim jacket with saree

Many women want to wear saree to go to the office, but it becomes so hard for them in the winter season.  Do not worry there is a way to wear saree. You can wear saree with a denim jacket. This is the favorite style of many. Wearing a saree with a denim jacket also looks smart and cool.

Saree in two-bend style

Taking a long bend saree from the front, pulling it back and again take to the front for tied up the bend with a sleeveless ribbon.