We are not safe in Trump’s America: Senator Klobuchar...

Dhaka, Saturday   31 October 2020

We are not safe in Trump’s America: Senator Klobuchar

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 Published: 06:13 PM, 31 August 2020   Updated: 01:19 AM, 1 September 2020

US Democrat Senator Amy Klobuchar

US Democrat Senator Amy Klobuchar

US Democrat Senator Amy Klobuchar says no one is safe in the United States under President Donald Trump. At the same time, he criticized the policy of the Donald Trump administration in dealing with various crises in the domestic and international arena of the United States.

In an interview with ABC News Television in the United States on Sunday, Klobuchar sharply criticized US police violence against blacks in the United States. He spoke about the ongoing mass protests and the ongoing movement against injustice and social inequality.

“I have long condemned looting, violence, threats. That's not peaceful protest, and I don't care who is engaging in it, you condemn it. And of course Joe Biden has clearly condemned it, but let's step back. This isn't just happening in one place, it's happening all over the country, it is happening under Donald Trump's watch,” the Minnesota senator said.

“We are not safe in Donald Trump's America,” Klobuchar continued, citing an increase in hate crimes and the staggering coronavirus deaths. “We are not more safe. And I think Joe Biden has a very strong case to make about the changes he will make to make this country safer. We have not seen this with this president.”

Among the clashes in the wake of Blake's shooting, two protesters were killed and a 17-year-old was charged in their deaths.


Source: ABC News