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Ways to remove mucus from baby’s chest

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 Published: 04:15 PM, 27 October 2019  

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Due to the seasonal changes, the generation who mostly suffered from illness is the children.  Sudden rains, sunshine, cold air, and cold weather also cause the body to suffer from cold fever or chest cuffs.

Parents also have to suffer when children suffer from the disease of chest cough. Besides, this mucus causes breathing problems for the child that can lead to pneumonia at one time. So, let us know how to remove mucus in your baby's chest to minimize distress and avoid danger:

  • Make a paste with the 2 garlic and one tablespoon mauri.  Now bind this mixture in a clean cloth and put it in the baby's sleeping area. The steam released from it will open the baby's closed nose because of getting cold. It helps to eliminate the baby's cold.
  • You can feed your baby tomatoes and garlic soup in the cold. It will make the body relax by removing cough with filling water demand.
  • You can mix a teaspoon of honey and lemon juice with hot water and drink your child that will ultimately comfort your child.
  • If the child has a cough and snivel, the baby should be bathed in light-hot water every day. In this way snivel can not exist in the chest.
  • Your child is infected with a cold disease due to germs that makes the child weak. Therefore, the baby needs adequate rest during this time. It adds strength to the fight against bacteria in the body.
  • Take hot water in a container and steam the baby as well as keeping the baby for a while. Hot water cleanses the nose pores of the baby.
  • Drop for the nose can be used to get quick comfort in the time of cough and snivel.