Ways to remove dirk circle under eyes in 10 minutes!

Dhaka, Thursday   09 April 2020


Ways to remove dirk circle under eyes in 10 minutes!

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 Published: 05:13 PM, 27 February 2020   Updated: 05:14 PM, 27 February 2020

Dirk Circle under the eyes. Photo: Collected

Dirk Circle under the eyes. Photo: Collected

Black spots under the eyes, known as dirk circles, are one of the reasons for the appearance of age on the face. The beauty is lost due to this stain. Many times the skin of the face also looks diseased.

Even with a lot of makeup, it is not possible to cover these spots. This spot is easily visible to everyone. In the absence of B-6 rich foods, these black spots are formed below the eyes. Therefore, it is important to eat enough vitamin-rich foods to get rid of these dark spots. However, there are some natural blends that can make you free from these scars in 10 minutes. Let's find out how to remove the black spots under the eyes at 10 minute - 

> Mix cashew nuts with milk. Now apply this mixture around the eyes. Wash after 10 minutes. You will see the results.

> Mix one teaspoon of lemon juice with one teaspoon of tomato juice. Now apply this mixture under the eyes. After 10 minutes wash with water. Use this pack twice a day.

> Soak a cotton ball in cold milk and apply it to the eye. After 5 minutes wash with water. It will reduce eye swelling and remove black spots.

> Mix two drops of glycerin with orange juice and apply it under the eyes. It will remove the black spots as well as enhance the brightness.

> Massage almond oil around the eyes before going to bed at night. It will remove the dark spots of the eyes.