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Dhaka, Monday   21 October 2019


Ways to prevent upper lips sweat

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 Published: 07:44 PM, 21 September 2019  

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Many people are bothered to wipe the sweat of the upper lip repeatedly! Many people suffer from problems mainly in excessive heat! For those who have this problem, this is a matter of great discomfort. However, here are some tips for those who have such a problem.

  1. Do not apply day cream or sunblock on the bottom of the nose.

  2. People are more likely to sweat in times of mental stress. If you stop taking mental stress, it will reduce sweating.

  3. Many people look for solutions by putting on a foundation to stop sweating. However, by applying a deep foundation, the area will heat up and sweat more.
  4. There are many types of sweat-free cosmetics available in the market. But before buying, see if they are suitable for use!
  5. It does not just sweat under the nose only for the face. If the overall weather is hot, sweat will be reduced. In summer, select the cloths sensitively.
  6. Even if there is excessive sweating under the nose, consult with a doctor. If needed, the doctor will prescribe anti-sweating drugs.

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