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Ways to prevent tooth decay

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 Published: 11:55 AM, 7 December 2019  

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

Many of us have a lot of concern about our tooth decay. And it is necessary to eat nutritious food and keep the mouth clean to keep the teeth good. Tooth decay is caused by hormone imbalances, lack of minerals, Vitamin A, Vitamin D in the food chart. It also occurs when foods containing carbohydrates are left on the teeth.

However, it can be possible to prevent tooth decay by following some factors. Therefore, dental care is very important to stay healthy. Let’s know how to prevent tooth decay -

Try to avoid sugar: Do not eat too much sugar. Sugar helps to spread bacteria in the mouth. It can increase tooth decay.

Eat nutritious food: Eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals. The fat-soluble nature of these foods works to prevent tooth decay. In addition to eating vegetables, put coconut oil, avocado, nuts on the food list.

Toothpaste: Use toothpaste that has low chemical content.

Keep your teeth clean: Brush your teeth after eating at night and in the morning. In this case, use a soft toothbrush. Clean your tongue while brushing your teeth.