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Ways to prevent fungal infection of nails

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 Published: 06:25 PM, 1 December 2019  

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Infection in the hands or feet! The nails are gray or broken is a very common problem. Fungus attacks are responsible for about 50 percent of the nail problems.

Fungi are naturally present in the human body. When its levels are high, the outbreak of infection occurred. And this infection infects the nails of the hands and feet very easily and causes various problems. Let us know the symptoms and remedies for fungal infections of hands and feet -

Symptoms of fungal infections of nails

> Spacing inside the nails.
> Breaking the two sides of the nails.
> The front of the nail or half of the nail is pale yellow.
> The skin around the nails becomes swollen and itchy.
> Frequent nails broken.
> odor spread from the nails.
> Pain in nails.

Way to prevent fungal infection of nails

> Gloves made of plastic or rubber should be worn in hand during washing dishes.
> After using the water, the hands and feet should dry quickly.
> There is no option to take care of yourself. Try to do manicure and pedicure at least twice a month.
> Avoid using non-branded nail polish.
> Try to stay in the open environment as much as  possible.