Ways to bring happiness in family

Dhaka, Sunday   05 April 2020


Ways to bring happiness in family

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 Published: 10:58 PM, 31 January 2020  

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It is said that the quality of a woman brings happiness to the family, actually when the understanding between the husband and wife is well the real happiness will then appear. 

Both husband and wife need to have some qualities and characteristics to make the family happy! Let’s find out what to do and what not to do for the happiness for any family -

1) Build a good understanding between the two as well as try to get to know each other better.

2)  Make time for each other even in the time of thousands of engagements. 

3) Prioritize each other's choices.

4) Be transparent to each other, like glass. If there is a problem, reach a consensus by yourselves, not with the help of the third person.

5) Divide household chores equally as well as collaborate on each other's work. Because mutual cooperation strengthens the relationship between the two.

6) Manage the family according to financial ability.

7) Acknowledge the fault if someone is wrong as well as helping each other to understand the wrong.

8) Reduce criticism of bad work rather than praising good deeds.

9) In danger, it is the duty of both to stand beside each other.