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Way to use body scrubber to get brighter skin

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 Published: 06:45 PM, 22 October 2019  

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Do you know how important it is to use body scrubber to enhance the brightness of the skin? It removes dead skin cells with increasing blood circulation in the body, making the skin bright and supple. Find out how to use a brush or body scrubber to enhance skin beauty-

Start with your feet first. From the top of the foot, rub the brush gently and in a circular motion. Start on one side, then the other. Then rub on the back, abdomen, and underarms all in an upward circle.

If you have any open wounds and scratches, avoid these when using the brush, certainly lightly. Rub from foot to neck well. You can use a brush that has a handle; such as a bath brush to clean the back.

For the face

Do not use the same brush on the face. Use a softer brush for your face. If you don't have one on hand, you can just use a scrub.

In the bath

Wash with water when all the spaces of the body are brushed completely. Take a bath in light-hot water. It will wash away all the cells of the dead skin. In this case, you can use gel or soap. After finishing the bath, definitely use some high-protein moisturizer. Then you can eat a cup of green tea.