Way to clean Kachur lati in 10 minutes ...

Dhaka, Sunday   12 July 2020

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Way to clean Kachur lati in 10 minutes 

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 Published: 12:13 PM, 15 May 2020  

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

Kachur lati is very effective in filling the iron deficiency in the body with has many more benefits. Many people like to eat kachur lati as especially shrimp curry with kachur lati is delicious. 

However, housewives may not want to cook kachur lati as it is quite troublesome and difficult to clean it. But do you know? With a little technique, it is possible to clean the kachur lati in just 10 minutes- 

Firstly, wash the kachur lati well with water, then take water in a big pot and soak the lati in it for 10 minutes. Now take a lati and firstly pull off the loose parts on it.

Then take a scrubber and rub it with a scrubber. You will see that the scales on the top of the lati are being removed easily. When the whole part is cleaned in this way, then you need to cut off the excess part.