Alexa Water level of Jamuna rises, 5 villages flooded

Dhaka, Sunday   18 August 2019


Water level of Jamuna rises, 50 villages flooded

 Tangail Correspondent

 Published: 11:42 AM, 18 July 2019  

Daily Bangladesh Desk

Daily Bangladesh Desk

Fifty villages under five UPs in Bhuapur of Tangail were inundated as water levels of the Jamuna river are flowing above the danger level. The villagers were remain marooned in flood waters and suffering inhumane living conditions. 

According to the Water Development Board, the Jamuna river is flowing 72cm above the danger point since wednesday noon. 

Many families of the upazila have left their homes and have taken shelter on flood control embankments and shelter enters. 37 educational institutions are remained closed due to the floods.

According to the information of the Upazila Relief and Rehabilitation Office, pepole from four villages of Govindasi UP, eight villages of Nikrail UP, six villages of Gubsara UP, 18 villages of Arjuna UP and three villages of Falda UP were marooned. 

Ansar Ali of Rajapur under Gabsara said, "We are suffering extreme ss my house is under the water, I took shelter in the shelter center. There has a shortage of food and drinking water."  

UP chairman Maniruzzaman Monir said, "Full of our UP is Char area. Because of this about 50 villages were inundated in the flood. Relief assistance has been distributed to the flood affected people." 

Bhuapur's UNO Jhoton Chanda said that every possible step have been taken in collaboration with the flood victims. Several medical teams have been formed for their treatment.

Rezaul Karim, deputy assistant engineer of Science section of Tangail Paubo said, the water level of Jamuna, Pungli, Jhenai, Bongshai and Dhaleshwari have risen more due to incessant downpours and the rush of water from upstream. The Jamuna river is flowing 72 centimeters above the danger point while the Dhaleshwari and Jhenai river are flowing 89 centimeters and 45 centimeters above the danger point respectively.