Video of principal’s dance in Hindi songs goes viral

Dhaka, Friday   03 April 2020


Video of principal’s dance in Hindi songs goes viral

 Jibannagar (Chuadanga) Correspondent

 Published: 04:54 PM, 19 February 2020  



A video of the principal’ dance with female students in Hindi songs at Jibannagar Government Model Women’s College in Chuadanga on the month of Language Day, has gone viral on Facebook.

Principal Alauddin Ali danced with the students of the college by playing Hindi songs in Pahela Falgun festival at college premises which was released on Tuesday noon. The video went viral on social media including Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

In the 1:35 minutes video, it was seen that Alauddin Ali dances in the rhythm of Hindi song with several students dressed in saree while he was wearing Punjabi-pajamas with a hat on the head at the time. 

The locals, including parents, raised questions about the principal’s dance video in the rhythm of Hindi songs with students during the month of Language Day.

Principal Alauddin Ali said that during the Pahela Falgun program, the students forcibly dragged him to the stage. Later, at their request he danced a little, so he does not see any major fault in the incident. “Which I did, I did publicly, to make the students happy. It doesn’t matter who commented on it.”

Jibannagar UNO Md Sirajul Islam said, “I participated in the discussion at the Pahela Falgun festival. The dance took place during the cultural performance. However, this kind of dance with the rhythm of Hindi songs is not right in the month of Language Day”

“I will alert him in a written form in the future,” he added. 

The Pahela Falgun festival is not a bad thing. However, the head of the institution should not dance like this, said Chuadanga DC Nazrul Islam. “The matter must be investigated. If the investigation proves, action will be taken according to law.”