Venezuela expels EU delegates...

Dhaka, Monday   19 April 2021

Venezuela expels EU delegates

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 Published: 08:57 PM, 25 February 2021  

Isabel Brilhante Pedrosa

Isabel Brilhante Pedrosa

Venezuela, the South American country, has expelled the European Union’s (EU) ambassador to Caracas in response to new sanctions. The Portuguese ambassador has also been given a 72-hour deadline to leave the country.

Two days after EU foreign ministers agreed to impose sanctions on 19 Venezuelan officials accused of “damaging democracy”, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza announced the move against Ambassador Isabel Brilhante Pedrosa.

“We have informed Isabel Brilhante of President Nicolas Maduro’s decision today,” he told reporters.

“She has been given 72 hours to leave Venezuela,” Arreaza said.

In Brussels, the EU has called on Caracas to reconsider Venezuela’s decision.

“The EU is deeply saddened by this decision,” said Nabila Masrali, a spokeswoman for the EU, ‍adding that such a decision would again alienate Venezuela from the international arena. We call for a change in this decision.

“Venezuela can only overcome the ongoing crisis through discussions and dialogue,” she said.

In a televised speech, Maduro warned the EU: “We did not want to do this, we were forced to do it against our will – because we wanted to maintain good relations with all the European countries.”

“We cannot accept any kind of attack or sanctions on Venezuela,” he said.