Vehicles with stickers increased in lockdown...

Dhaka, Sunday   16 May 2021

Vehicles with stickers increased in lockdown

 Abulllah Al Mamun

 Published: 03:48 PM, 14 April 2021   Updated: 03:49 PM, 14 April 2021

Vehicles with stickers increased in lockdown; Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Vehicles with stickers increased in lockdown; Photo: Daily Bangladesh

The seven-day "strict lockdown" has begun this Pahela Baishakh morning to curb coronavirus infection. Although public transport remains closed at this time, the use of vehicles with stickers has increased. However, the police are keeping a close watch on the matter.

Considering the public interest in controlling the situation in Corona, the government has announced to stop the movement of all types of vehicles (rail, road, and waterway) across the country till April 21. Besides, international and domestic flights have also been suspended.

However, trucks carrying goods for emergency services, covered vans, perishable goods, relief vehicles, ambulances, and media vehicles will be exempted from the ban, according to a notification issued by the cabinet.

Visiting different places of the Capital including Uttara, Mohakhali, Mirpur, Gabtali, Karwaran Bazar, Paltan, Press Club Gulistan, Motijheel, Jatrabari our corresponded found that all types of mechanical vehicles have remain suspended. However, the number of emergency service vehicles with tickets has increased on the roads. Especially the motorcycles with stickers of media have seen much. 

Meanwhile, members of the administration and law enforcement agencies are active in the field all over the country to abide by the strict restrictions of the day. Police, as well as administration officials, have been seen on duty in the capital since Wednesday morning.

Vehicles were being stopped at checkpoints; passengers were being asked for their identities and reasons for being out on the streets during the "lockdown".

Those who were walking towards their destinations were also being stopped and questioned by law enforcers.

A private official named Sheikh Russell was going to Karwaran Bazaar on a motorcycle. A police officer stopped him at Shahbagh intersection and asked reasons for being out. In response, Russell said he has been trying online for a movement pass since morning. But he can't apply because the server was down. He said that I am coming out for an emergency purchase. But in the end, he was not allowed to go to his destination. 

Shortly afterward, police stopped another motorcycle with a press sticker written in English.

It was learned that he also had no movement pass or ID card. As he could not show his ID card, the police officer told him that if he wanted to go to the office, he would have to go with a movement pass.

A rickshaw puller named Rezaul Karim lives in a slum in Mohakhali. He was returning to Mohakhali bus stand after a trip. A member of the police on duty punctured his wheel for going out on the road during the strict lockdown. 

Asked about this, several police inspectors (TIs) of DMP said that there is no public transport on the road. All members of the law enforcement agencies are on high alert to observe the lockdown. They are not allowing anyone to go out without a movement pass.

Sub-Inspector (SI) Mizan of Uttara West Police Station on duty said, "We are making every effort to enforce the lockdown. We are not allowing anyone to travel without a valid reason."

Atiqul Islam, Traffic Inspector (TI) of Uttara West Division, said, "We are working to ensure a comprehensive lockdown across the country."

In response to a question, he said, there is no public transport on the road. However, the number of vehicles with stickers is not less. We are checking the movement pass by stopping every vehicle and advising not to go out of the house unless urgent.

Asked about the server problems with getting movement passes, he said, "Maybe there's a little problem as many people are applying at  once."