Vegetables’ price hike in season

Dhaka, Monday   17 June 2019

Vegetables’ price hike in season

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 Published: 03:54 PM, 11 January 2019   Updated: 03:54 PM, 11 January 2019

Daily Bangladesh Desk

Daily Bangladesh Desk

Despite the winter season, most of the vegetables’ prices in the capital are rising in due to unknown causes. The price of most vegetables’ price has increased in the market during the week last. In this fire of the price of vegetable market rose by 5 to 10 taka per kg.

From Friday morning till mid-afternoon, such images were found in Karwan Bazar, Mohammadpur, Rampura, Mirpur-1, Kachukhet, Jigatala, and several other vegetable markets.

In the market, it is seen that the brinjal is now at the top of the price hike list as. The price of this vegetable has increased by 10-15 taka per week. As a result, every kilogram of brinjal is sold at Tk 50-60.

Besides, prices of cucumber, chili t, cauliflower, carrot, gourd, patal, beans and lima are on the list. Now the market is selling at Tk 55 per kg of cucumbers. It raised the price of Tk 5 per kg. In today's market, Tomato is sold at Tk 40 per kilogram, Patal 70 taka, (beans) barboti at 80 taka, lima at 30 taka per kg.

The price of essential chili is Tk 70 per kg, papaya 30 taka per kg, , Radish 30 taka, Tk 55-60 per kg of carbohydrate, 40-60 taka for carrot varieties, 25-30 taka of potato variety. The price of cauliflower is 35 taka per piece of size variety, cabbage price of each piece is 40 taka.

Meanwhile, every mint is of coriander leaves are selling at Tk 10. Green banan at Tk30 per hali, and t gourd is 60 to 50 taka per piece and lemon per hali 25 taka.

At the end, prices of broiler chicken have remained unchanged. Broiler chicken price is Tk 145 per kg currently, market price of kok chicken Tk 220 and Pakistani chicken Tk 240. Besides, the prices of cow and meat are also as similar as before. These are sold by the government at fixed prices.