Van driver made 3 terraces after 18 yrs brick picking...

Dhaka, Wednesday   27 October 2021

Van driver made 3 terraces after 18 yrs brick picking

 Shafiqul Islam Khokon, visiting Tala Upazila

 Published: 05:21 PM, 9 July 2020  

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Dulal Das, a 72 years’ van who has made a concrete terrace for his three children collecting bricks for long 18 years. Thre is an impression of old age on his face but a smile of satisfaction. Father Jatin Das was a zamindar at one time. But sadness and despair came down in Dulal Das's life as his father got married for the second time. Deprived of property. Since then, Dulal has been making a living by driving a van. In this way, he has been collecting bricks for 18 years to ensure a place for his children to drive. He bought some more with the collected bricks and built a house for his three sons on eight decimals of the land.

Van driver Dulal Das's house is in Sharsha village of Dhandia UP in Tala upazila of Satkhira. His eldest son Mitra Das, Gosta Das, and youngest son Milon Das. They are all married.

Dulal Das said, I lost my father when I was young. At one time my father was a zamindar. There were 20 bighas of land. But after the second marriage of father Jatin Das, the luck of our three brothers and five sisters went burnt. Deprived of father's property. I could not study. I have been driving a van and working as a day laborer since my childhood. My wife died 18 years ago. Then I looked at the faces of the three boys and never got married. I could not educate the boys in the family of scarcity.

Dulal Das with son-daughter in law and grandson

Asked about building three houses for his three sons, he said, "I don't have much time." I have suffered since childhood. I was deprived of my father. So I don't want to see the pain in the minds of the three sons who lost their mothers. That is why I have been collecting bricks from different places for 18 years. At the same time, I used to buy 30-40 bricks with the money I earned by driving a van every day. I have made three houses for the boys by collecting these bricks.

He said, "I have already brought bricks, cobbles, sand, and cement to make a 25-foot road on the way to and from home." The three boys are also cooperating in this work with equal rhythm.

Asked how the boys spend their days in the family, Dulal Das said, "I am very well." The sons and daughters-in-law take good care of me. I have used income that I earned to do their homework.

Dulal is coming home in a van

Mitra Das, the eldest son of Dulal Das, said, "We are proud to have such a father." The example that my father showed is rare. We are grateful to him.

Tala UNO Md. Iqbal Hossain said, I went to inspect one of the works and saw the houses made by Dulal Das. This is a really rare example. If Dulal Das asks for help, all kinds of cooperation will be provided by the upazila administration.