Valentine, Pahela Falgun celebration same day

Dhaka, Thursday   02 April 2020


Valentine, Pahela Falgun celebration same day

 Staff Correspondent

 Published: 12:33 PM, 14 February 2020  

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Two occasions, Pahela Falgun and Valentine's Day are being celebrated simultaneously today across the country though the people of Bangladesh used to celebrate the 'Boshonto Utshob' on 13 February every year according to the previous history of the Bangla calendar.

The Bangla calendar was synced with the Gregorian calendar to make it scientifically accurate that set February 14 as the first day of the spring month, Falgun, every year.

Today, the people from all walks of life including young express their love feelings to their loved ones with exchanging flowers. There will be a variety of spring ceremonies in the floral environment.

The whole country seems festive because of celebrating the spring as well as Valentine's.

Not only this day, the new Bengali calendar has been made in harmony with some historic days of 1971 that make changes in some dates of Bangla calendar though the English calendar remain as before. In this new calendar, the Bangla date of National Day will be the same every year from now.

The joy that comes back to nature in spring, is observed in many countries. The funny thing is that we observe the spring in colorful clothes, but in the neighboring country India, they do it with wearing white clothes.

Hanami or Cherry Blossom Festival Japan's Spring Festival while everyone gathers beneath a swollen cherry tree.

There has been a lot of controversy over how Valentine's Day has come. It is said that a legend called 'Valentine' was a priest in Rome during the third century. Emperor II Claudius decided that unmarried men were better than soldiers than married men, and he banned marriage for young men.

The 'Valentine' realized the king's injustice and secretly done the marries activities of young male-female lovers. At one point the king learned of the matter and angrily ordered Valentine to be killed on 14 February. Since then, the 14 February is celebrated as Valentine's Day or Love Day in honor of Valentine.