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Use of egg shells

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 Published: 10:40 PM, 12 January 2019   Updated: 10:51 PM, 12 January 2019

Daily Bangladesh Desk

Daily Bangladesh Desk

Egg is very useful for health. The egg yolks and egg white have different properties. Eggs play a special role not only for health, but for hair care and even skin also. But do you know the usage of eggs shells.

Many people love gardening today. Different types of insects grow in the trees. You cannot check the insects by pouring too much fertilizer there. The easiest way to remove the insect is the egg shell. For this, egg shell must be crushed. Then it will spread around the tree. Then the tree can protect from the harm of insects.

Even if you want to plant the trees, egg shells will be of great benefit. You have to break eggs through the middle. The soil should be filled with its broken parts. Then you can plant a small tree on the ground. Those trees will grow slowly. Again, if give some fertilizer with the egg shell to the soil then the tree will grow more.

Everyone loves to wear white clothes. It looks very good to see you too. It is very difficult to wear and adjust white clothes. If you have any stains or spot in the white cloth, you can immerse the whites clothes in detergents and egg shell grind mixed together. Then the brightness of the white cloth will return.

The egg white part is also very useful for the scrub dishes. If you mix egg white part with the scrubbing liquid, then the dishes will be shinier. And it will be very easy to clean the dish.