Unexplored charm of Autumn in Sreemangal...

Dhaka, Friday   27 November 2020

Unexplored charm of Autumn in Sreemangal

 Poroma Shome daily-bangladesh.com

 Published: 04:40 PM, 3 October 2020   Updated: 03:09 PM, 10 October 2020

Scenic beauty of Sreemangal tea garden; Photo: Collected

Scenic beauty of Sreemangal tea garden; Photo: Collected

Mother nature has been biased to an elevation wrapped in villages of our country. Tea gardens have decorated her like a green fairy who seems to be holding all the power of healing her people with the magic of vivification. Sreemangal, the beloved child of the Sylhet division seems to be more enchanting during this time of year as autumn has arrived and caressing this land.

Autumn has her own way of detaining everyone with the poetries goes written in the sky by unprecedently textured white clouds. Whenever you look at the diaphanous blue sky, you will find the neat white clouds are busy preparing a new sight. 

It often gets me in a stage of reverie thinking about the autumn sky, about the fact that how it keeps renewing itself using only two materials – blue surface and white clouds. Same clouds scarfing the sky grey spreading melancholy everywhere during the rainy season, become a portrayer of breezy mood in autumn.

charm of Autumn in Sreemangal. Photo: Collected

While talking about autumn but forgetting ‘catkins’ is similar to committing a crime. If autumn needed a brand ambassador it must have been the catkins. Catkins massively bloom on the banks of different rivers and canals when autumn strikes. Catkins with their peppier feathery nature represent a wholesomeness of autumn’s limpidity. The whole year they maintain a hard delitescence and appear in the autumn time letting us think where do they hide in the other times?

charm of Autumn in Sreemangal. Photo: Collected

Autumn flourishes with all these magics in Sreemangal. The land of tea gardens becomes a blazing host for the queen of Bengali seasons. It seems like the season and this small upazila had their own deal of garnishing one other. 

Sreemangal is well known for heavy rainfall and shivering winter. An obvious sight of enthusiastic tourists roaming around the hillocks and enjoying the scenic beauty of tea gardens is unavoidable during these two seasons. Somehow these two seasons have overshadowed autumn’s chant in the minds of people.

Litterateurs have represented autumn in Bengal as a season from “cloud-cuckoo-land”. With descriptions of a small river that crawls by the side of a village, and gets quiescence with the touch of autumn, the catkins being described in a way that enshrouds the riverside landscapes and dances like bohemian women when it winds and the autumn sunlight seeming like celestial light sent by God to erase all the miseries from the earth, our writers have adopted all the graceful metaphors to describe autumn.

charm of Autumn in Sreemangal. Photo: Collected

Sreemangal seems to be doing justice to all the metaphors as all these autumn signs become vivid here. Sreemangal has a canal going bisecting the tea gardens, which is colloquially called “Vurvuria Khal”.  This canal was showing an angry temperament with the flow of tidal waves in her comparatively slender body in the rainy season is now calm like a monk with the arrival of autumn. Catkins are dancing on the sand beds beside her. The twilight vision of this canal will leave anyone spellbound.

Autumn sun lightens up the tea gardens, the hillocks with full endearment. Sometimes the transverse rays get reflected in the water of the zigzag canal, fall into tea leaves and rhododendrons. This view can be offered to an explorer at the midday. A shade bearing sand bed fraught with white catkins, a sparkled canal and a cup of tea may work as a wiping app for all the stress stored in the heart of anybody, who loves autumn.

Autumn seems to be the season for effacing every scar of human lives. Far from the chaos of city life, in hilly land, our queen of the season is reigning with all the supremacy.