US warns citizens travelling to Bangladesh

Dhaka, Wednesday   08 April 2020


US warns citizens travelling to Bangladesh

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 Published: 02:52 PM, 21 April 2018  

The United States has once again advised US citizens to be extra careful about travelling to Bangladesh.

The new warning issued on Friday suggested that the United States is considering the second time to travel to Dhaka due to crime and terrorism.

US foreign ministry travels Bangladesh in the second phase (Level 2) on alert.This means that the citizens of the country will have to be extra careful in Dhaka tour.

In the new alert, due to crime and terrorism, US citizens have been called for reconsideration of travel to the northeast region including Chattoagram Hill Tracts. It says that violent crimes like armed robbery, assault and rape are taking place plenty of here.

It is said in the guidelines that terror groups are planning a possible attack in Bangladesh. They can attack without little or no threat. They said that they can attack tourism areas, communication centres, markets or shopping malls, restaurants, religious establishments and local government offices.

It is further said that despite the presence of widespread police presence in the urban areas of the country, terrorist attacks are in danger.

The US State Department said that crime trends in Dhaka are high and it increases a lot in the night. Urban crime may be organized or pursued by the individual or group which may be the finder. In general, these crimes include fraud, theft, robbery, cage, rape, assault and hijacking.

Travel guides have mentioned that only the government workers working in the US embassy in Bangladesh are allowed to live with their adult husband-wife and partner.

The US foreign ministry has issued orders to strictly adhere to the safety guidelines on the movements, jobs and travel of US citizens living in Bangladesh. Moving on and running in public places and outside the specific places of the US and biking (motorcycle, rickshaw and CNG) has been banned.

Besides, it has been said to avoid sidewalks and most government institutions.

Daily Bangladesh/Sohug