US to slow down troops withdrawal from Afghanistan...

Dhaka, Tuesday   27 July 2021

US to slow down troops withdrawal from Afghanistan

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 Published: 07:20 PM, 22 June 2021  

The US to hope full withdrawal of troops by September 11; Photo: Collected

The US to hope full withdrawal of troops by September 11; Photo: Collected

The United States could slow down the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. 

John Kirby, a spokesman for the Pentagon, said on Monday that the plan was being implemented in the wake of “growing insurgent attacks and the seizure of new territories” from government forces amid the ongoing troop withdrawal process.

Kirby told reporters on Monday that the September 11 deadline set by President Joe Biden for the full withdrawal of all foreign troops would remain in effect, however, the pace of withdrawal may be “slowed down”.

John Kirby added the situation in Afghanistan is changing rapidly. The Taliban are attacking district headquarters as well as various other places, as a result, the level of violence in the country is still very high.

The Pentagon spokesman said “if there is a chance of a slowdown in the withdrawal of troops in line with the deadline, we want to use it.”

“We are constantly monitoring the situation daily,” he said, informing that “the current situation in Afghanistan, our capabilities there, what more we need to get out of there and, above all, the pace of troop withdrawals; With all this in mind, we are literally making real-time decisions.”

Earlier, the United States and the Taliban signed a landmark agreement to end the nearly 20-year-old Afghan war. The agreement was signed on February 29, 2020, in Doha, Qatar. The then US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Doha Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen were present.

According to the agreement, the United States will withdraw all foreign troops from Afghanistan by May 2021. But after taking office as US president, Joe Biden set a deadline of September 11 to withdraw troops. As per that, the withdrawal of foreign troops currently stationed in the country is underway.

Meanwhile, the Taliban are expected to return to power after the withdrawal of troops. The militants of the group have already launched heavy attacks in different parts of the country.