US threatens to close embassy in Baghdad...

Dhaka, Saturday   31 October 2020

US threatens to close embassy in Baghdad

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 Published: 10:10 PM, 28 September 2020  

US Embassy

US Embassy

The Trump administration warned that Washington has made preparations to shut down its embassy in Baghdad.

If the Iraqi government doesn’t take any step to stop rocket attacks by Shiite militias against US interests, The United States will withdraw diplomats from Iraq, US and Iraqi officials said on Sunday.

The decision had been directed by President Trump and the two countries had entered a new era in their relations, Matthew Tueller, US ambassador to Iraq, said.

However, an Iraqi official said the US government had called for tougher action against militias. If the Iraqi government takes such a step, plans to close the embassy could be avoided.

The US has hundreds of diplomats in its mission at the high-security Green Zone in Baghdad and around 3,000 troops across the country.