US obstructs ICC in ‘war crimes investigation’ against Israel...

Dhaka, Saturday   17 April 2021

US obstructs ICC in ‘war crimes investigation’ against Israel

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 Published: 08:40 PM, 5 March 2021   Updated: 08:42 PM, 5 March 2021

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The United States has opposed the International Criminal Court (ICC) investigation into allegations of war crimes against Israel on Palestinian land.

On Thursday, US Vice President Kamala Harris called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on phone to reassure him, the White House news agency quoted Reuters as saying.

Harris spoke on phone with his close ally, the Israeli prime minister, on Thursday (March 4th) for the first time since taking office at the White House as Biden’s aide. The new US vice president called Netanyahu a day after the International Criminal Court officially announced an investigation into Israel’s war crimes.

During Thursday’s call, Harris and Netanyahu noted their governments’ “opposition to the International Criminal Court’s attempts to exercise its jurisdiction over Israeli personnel,” the White House said.

The two leaders agreed to continue cooperating on regional security, particularly on Iran’s nuclear program and “dangerous” behavior.

The statement said Harris stressed the importance of the United States’ commitment to Israel’s security.

The US vice president also congratulated Netanyahu on his massive coronavirus vaccination program in Israel. Besides, the two leaders agreed to increase mutual cooperation on various issues including coronavirus epidemic and green energy.

On Wednesday (March 3), ICC’s Chief Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda announced the beginning of a formal investigation into possible war crimes allegations in Palestine.

He has promised the inquiry will be conducted “independently, impartially and objectively, without fear or favor.”

Fatou Bensouda, who has long worked on Israel’s war crimes investigation, will be replaced by  Karim Khan, a British lawyer on June 16. Then he will then take up the matter.