US blocks Iran-affiliated news websites...

Dhaka, Monday   26 July 2021

US blocks Iran-affiliated news websites

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 Published: 12:59 PM, 23 June 2021  

US government blocks Iran-affiliated news websites; Photo: Collected

US government blocks Iran-affiliated news websites; Photo: Collected

The United States has taken down dozens of Iranian websites, accused of spreading “disinformation”, with notices explaining they have been “seized”.

The websites were blocked by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Department of Commerce on Tuesday, reports BBC.

The blocked websites are Iran’s state-owned Press TV and al-Masirah TV, run by the Iranian-backed Houthi movement.

Besides, the US had seized 33 websites run by the Iranian Islamic Radio and Television Union and another three-run by Iran-backed Hezbollah militia, news agency Reuters reported.

The websites were not accessible on Tuesday afternoon.

Notices also appeared on some of Iran’s Press TV websites, the Iranian government’s main English-language satellite television channel, and Al Alam, its Arabic-language equivalent. 

Lualua TV, an Arabic-language Bahraini independent channel that broadcasts from the UK, was also taken down.

It is learned that Iran provides support to Yemen’s Houthi rebel movement, who confirmed that its domain at had been blocked.

However, several of the sites were back online within hours with new domain addresses.

The website blockade came amid heightened tensions between the US and Iran over reinitializing a nuclear deal. The latest move comes days after Ebrahim Raisi was elected Iran’s president.

Source: BBC