US army brought coronavirus to Wuhan!...

Dhaka, Tuesday   26 May 2020

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US army brought coronavirus to Wuhan!

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 Published: 06:50 PM, 13 March 2020  

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A spokesman for China’s foreign ministry alleged that the US Army might have brought coronavirus to Wuhan. He claimed that Wuhan is not the origin of coronavirus rather the deadly virus came from US.

China Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Zhao Lijian revealed this possibility in a tweet on Thursday night.

In that tweet, he said the United States actually lacks transparency. When was the first patient identified in the United States? How many have been infected? What are the names of hospitals? They are hiding all the information. It may be that the US military has brought the epidemic there. He urged on the United States to release the information, saying that the United States should explain it!

It might be the US army that brought the coronavirus to China, giving an official boost to a conspiracy theory that had been allowed to circulate on Chinese social media for weeks. The conspiracy posits that 300 athletes from the US military who in October attended the 7th Military World Games in Wuhan, where the epidemic first broke out, were infected with the virus, thereby spreading it in China, Zhao said.

Zhao’s comment accompanied a video from a US congressional hearing this week on the country’s response to the epidemic. Robert Redfield, director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), said in the video that some patients who were previously diagnosed to have died from the flu were found to have actually died from the coronavirus. 

The video began trending on Chinese social network Weibo, with many commenting that they now believe firmly that the US had covered up facts related to the epidemic.

Asked on Thursday at a media briefing here whether China has proof that the coronavirus didn’t originate in China and if so, where did it originate, another Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang said the “origin of the virus can only be determined by science. We need to rely on scientific and professional views. We don’t hope to see anyone making an issue out of this to stigmatize other countries.”

“With COVID-19 developing into a pandemic, the world should come together to fight it instead of leveling accusations and attacks against each other, which is not constructive at all,” Geng said.

When asked about US President Donald Trump’s televised speech on Thursday in which he said that coronavirus started in China and spread to other places, Geng said China has been “acting in an open, transparent and highly responsible way since the outbreak of the epidemic”.

On Monday, Geng condemned US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for branding the coronavirus as “Wuhan virus” terming his remarks as “despicable behaviour” and an attempt to stigmatise the Communist country.

On Wednesday, US security adviser Robert O’Brien said the world suffered two months because of China’s slow pace in combating the coronavirus. China’s pretext was needed to counter the virus. Moreover, China has committed crimes by disrupting the free flow of virus information.

It is to be noted that US officials have accused China of not being sufficiently transparent about the information about the coronavirus spread in December last year. China got angry over the allegations. But the head of China’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention has previously said that the virus spreads from the market of its wild animals in Wuhan.