US Charges Huawei of stealing technology...

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US Charges Huawei of stealing technology

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 Published: 04:54 PM, 14 February 2020  



The United States filed another lawsuit against Chinese company Huawei accusing of stealing technology from a host of US companies, violating sanctions and making false statements to the FBI.

The lawsuit was filed in federal court in Brooklyn on Thursday (February 13) local time.

Prosecutors said Huawei had violated the terms of partnerships with US companies and stolen trade secrets such as source code and robot technology. Prosecutors also said Huawei offered bonuses to staff who obtained “confidential information” from its competitors.

It adds to a list of other charges brought by the US last year.

Those accused Huawei of violating US sanctions and stealing technology from T-Mobile. Huawei has denied the claims by saying the new allegation relates to competition rather than law enforcement, the United States issuing Huawei for its reputation and its business.

Earlier in the last year, the United States filed a criminal case against Huawei's chief financial officer, Meng Wanzhou, on multiple charges, including fraud. However, Huawei denied all allegations at that time also. 

Meng Wanzhou is still being held in Canada where she is fighting extradition to the US.