Dhaka, Saturday   23 March 2019

Chemical of old Dhaka is now residential area

 Staff Correspondent daily-bangladesh.com

 Published: 09:20 PM, 23 March 2019   Updated: 09:21 PM, 23 March 2019

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

RAB director general Benazir Ahmed told the owners of the chemical traders of the Old Dhaka, the intelligence inputs that after the taskforce operation, the traders of Old Dhaka are carrying chemicals in various residential areas across the capital.

He said that due to the fear of expedition, some people are keeping that chemical either in their resident or relatives’ house. Earlier the old Dhaka's commercial goondas were time bombs. Now it should be kept in mind that entire Dhaka does not turn into a time bomb.

The RAB director general said this during a special meeting held at Bakshibazar in Old Dhaka initiated by RAB-10.

He said, due to the lake of awareness, once the Old Dhaka’s chemical godowns were time bombs. After the Churihatta incident, the government's direction for removal of all chemical godowns those are being taken away elsewhere. I requested the traders, you should carefully remove the chemicals.” DG also warned them not to make the entire Dhaka as time bomb due to lack of awareness.

RAB director general said that, people of old Dhaka were living on the time bombs. Those who died in the Churihatta incident also lived beside the Time Bombs. We do not want another incident for third time. We do not want to see single any more.

In the fastest time, RAB DG said that for the removal of the chemical goondo, the project of 1.5 billion rupees is being done to complete it will take two years. But we do not have so much time. Will have to move within two months.

During this time, RAB DG also spoke about rapid development of Bangladesh quoting that, “In near future we will be the 30th financially developed country in the world.”

The DG urged the traders to make another economic zone like others while he assured of providing helps of the government.

Regarding the demands of the traders to stop the drive, RAB said, "Traders are saying to stop the operation." Will we stop the law from the country? People will be killed and we will not arrest the accused? The campaign will run, but we will be careful so that, no businessman of ours could be victimized or unnecessarily harassed. The operation will continue ensuring no harm of innocents.

Regarding expired chemicals, RAB DG said, "You buy goods with money, you have to write everything related to it." Production period, company name, everything. Why do you buy expired items with money? If you keep the expired chemicals, it will not be accepted.