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Who to get child after divorce, what law says?

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 Published: 12:30 PM, 8 November 2018   Updated: 12:30 PM, 8 November 2018

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Recently, divorced has taken an alarming place in our society. When a married husband and wife face an impossible situation to stay under one roof, then a must breakdown comes. To make the lives of men and women happy, such as marriage arrangements, there is so separation to get rid of unhappy married life.

But after the breakup, the children are the most affected as an obvious conflict starts to get the child between father and mother. Sometimes, this bar becomes a horrific state.

After the breakup of parents, who will have the child, who will carry them, many of us do not know. It took a lot of detail for readers of Daily Bangladesh:

Law for child custody: According to Muslim law, father is the legal guardian of a minor child and mother is the child caretaker. If the child's mother is separated or separated from the father, then the mother will not lose her opportunity to supervise her child. In the case of a son, a mother can keep him up to the age of seven while till the puberty age of a girl.

Court: If the mother wants the child for its well-being, she can keep it more after the age of the childhood. However, the court's permission may be necessary for this reason.

Mother’s second marriage: Mother may lose the right to keep her child in her custody if she marries another.

Shelter of the court: If one has a dispute with the child after the divorce of the court, then she/he will be taken to the family court. The family court will decide according to law, who will have children. However, along with the law, the court has the power to consider the child's welfare. The court may order the parents or the mother to take care of the child's healthy, normal development. If the child has the ability to understand well, then the court also gives importance to the child's opinion.

Support for Children: If the child is with the mother after the separation, many fathers think that the child should not be supported. That’s not right. The father or the mother-to whom, the father is responsible for the child's support.

Suit for maintenance: If parents break apart or if their parents live separately, then the father will have to support the children. If the mother does not want to divorce or not, she will be able to file a suit in the family court within a certain time to receive her child’s support.