Alexa Turmeric-powder can remove all skin problems

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Turmeric-powder can remove all skin problems

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 Published: 12:53 PM, 8 December 2019  

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

Using turmeric-powder on the face can bring back to the glace of the face! Everyone knows that. But have you ever think why is turmeric? Because herbal enriched turmeric is an effective remedy for various problems of the skin. Turmeric also has a unique role in solving all skin problems.

According to Indian morphologist Sharmila Singh Flora, turmeric is an antiseptic, with its effect on oily skincare. Due to its herbal qualities, turmeric can be mixed in various facepieces. Turmeric is also used in domestic solutions for many diseases.

* Eliminate the dryness of the skin in the winter, care for cracked lips, remove skin rashes - this turmeric has a role to play. Do you know the hidden benefits of turmeric for skincare?

* In a container mix 1 teaspoon sandalwood powder, 2 teaspoons lemon juice, one teaspoon pea-flour and one teaspoon turmeric. This pack is very useful for removing oily skin. Besides, mixing turmeric with the pulse, using that the oily skin gets the brightness return. If you use this pack three days a week, it will reduce the oily feeling of the skin.

* To avoid lips crack in the winter, add sugar, turmeric, and honey to your lips and keep it for five minutes. Using this mixture regularly, you can get rid of the problem of cracked lips.

* To remove the underneath dark-spot of the eyes, mix turmeric powder with a little yogurt and one or two drops of honey. Before going to bed every night, rub this mixture under the eyes. When dry, rinse thoroughly. Within a couple of weeks, it will be removed.

* Raw turmeric blotting removes dark spots on the skin. To get good results, add two teaspoons of milk.

* Chewing raw turmeric every morning keeps the liver healthy, as well as solving many skin problems.