Alexa Turkey begins to deploy troops in Libya

Dhaka, Monday   17 February 2020


Turkey begins to deploy troops in Libya

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 Published: 05:43 PM, 17 January 2020  

Turkey President Tayyip Erdogan

Turkey President Tayyip Erdogan

Turkey is beginning to send troops into Libya in support of the internationally recognized government in Tripoli, President Tayyip Erdogan said on Thursday in Berlin.

He said Turkish troops are being deployed under the Maritime Boundary and Security Military Agreement signed with the Libyan government recently. 

Erdogan said the agreement was signed with the Libyan government to identify the border. Without the approval of the two countries, oil and gas exploration and pipeline construction would not be possible in the coastal areas of Libya and Turkey.

The search for oil gas will start in this area this year and for this, a research ship will be sent soon. In addition, Turkey said that they are sending troops to Libya to protect the legitimate government of Libya and to maintain stability there.

Last week, Turkey and Russia urged Libya’s warring parties to declare a ceasefire. However, despite talks in Moscow aimed at halting Khalifa Haftar’s months-long campaign to seize the Libyan capital, the two sides were unable to reach an agreement when Haftar failed to sign a binding truce on Monday. 

Haftar claimed he did not sign because many demands for Libyan troops were not drafted into a ceasefire agreement. But the Turkish president has said that if Haftar starts an attack against the Libyan government, he will be defended properly.