Trump’s Facebook, Twitter account blocked...

Dhaka, Saturday   16 January 2021

Trump’s Facebook, Twitter account blocked

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 Published: 10:59 AM, 7 January 2021  

Trump’s Facebook, Twitter account blocked; Photo: Collected

Trump’s Facebook, Twitter account blocked; Photo: Collected

Outgoing US President Donald Trump’s Facebook and Twitter account temporarily blocked so that he cannot provoke his supporters ahead of the US Congress.

Trump supporters rampaged in an attempt to reverse the election results before the congressional session began on Wednesday in the certification of Joe Biden’s victory. One woman was shot dead.

During the incident, Trump was giving one after another fabricating post on social media. He also even posted a video of the incident. In these posts, Trump claims that “Joe Biden stole the victory” from him in the November 3 election.

Regarding the blocking of Trump’s account, Facebook said the posts were “provoking” rather than stopping the violence. More risks were being created, as a result, his account has been blocked to prevent that.

The California-based most popular social media site also reported that Trump’s account had been blocked for 24 hours. He will not be able to post at this time.

Earlier in the day, Twitter also temporarily blocked Trump’s account. The social media platform also warned that if he violates the rules and gives “fabricating” information about the election, he will be permanently blocked. 

Trump is now currently facing a storm of criticism as his armed supporters stormed the US Congress on Capitol Hill. The US lawmakers are accusing Trump to make a “coup”.

The United Nations has issued a statement condemning the incident. Personalities like Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton have condemned it.

Although the Congress session adjourned, it will be held again amid the widespread violence where they will certify Joe Biden’s victory. After this, there will be no more obstacles for him to go to the White House.