Trump tells 30,573 lies in four years!...

Dhaka, Thursday   25 February 2021

Trump tells 30,573 lies in four years!

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 Published: 03:06 PM, 22 January 2021   Updated: 03:17 PM, 22 January 2021

Donald Trump; Photo: Collected

Donald Trump; Photo: Collected

Donald Trump won the 2016 U.S. presidential election after being nominated by the Republican Party. Trump took office on 20 January 2017. Immediately after taking the office, he made his first lie, as a result, his term was begun with his lies.

According to a report in the Washington Post, former US President Donald Trump made “more than 500 lies a day”. He even broke his own record of lying. The daily published the statistics of Donald Trump lying in a column called ‘Truth Tester’. 

The report highlights some of the notable lies in the US president’s Twitter messages, saying Trump lied 504 times on November 2, a day before the US presidential election, which is the highest in a single day. And till November 5, Donald Trump has lied 29,508 times and presented misleading information.  

The coronavirus is one of the things that the former US president has lied about the most. It has been said that he uttered these lies to “cover up the mistakes” he made by not giving importance to this virus in the beginning.

New York Times chief White House correspondent Peter Baker mentioned in a recent analysis that Trump began his presidency with lies. His lie was about the presence of the crowd at the inauguration ceremony. From the beginning, Trump’s presidency has been a “factory of lies,” he said.

CNN also presented evidence that Trump’s presidency began with lies. According to them, Trump lied about “the rain” during the inauguration ceremony.

The number of Trump’s lies is found in the Washington Post’s ‘Fact Check’. The newspaper said Trump, as president, touched the ‘milestone of 20,000 lies’ on 9 July 2020. And till 5 November 2020, he gave 29,508 lies or misleading things.

As of 20 January 2021, according to the Washington Post’s ‘Fact Check’, Trump has told 30,573 lies or misleading statements in four years.

‘Fact Check’ shows that Donald Trump lied a maximum of about 4,000 times in October 2020 as president. He has told twice as many lies in the whole of 2017 as he has in this one month. The following month, in November, Trump’s lie continued. On the eve of the presidential election, on November 2, he set the highest record of more than 500 lies in 24 hours. From the night of the November 3 election, Trump began to lie constantly.

Trump relinquished power on January 20 because he was adamant about winning the election. Even his farewell speech at the Andrews military base was full of lies.