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Treatment and medicine at Tk 5 only!

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 Published: 03:27 PM, 23 August 2019   Updated: 03:28 PM, 23 August 2019



Central Skin and Social Hygiene Centre is popularly known as American Hospital provide medical treatment and free medicine for the patients at Tk 5 only. The hospital is located in Agrabad, Chattogram.

However, the patients are not satisfied with the service. On the other hand, the doctors and concerned people are in a puzzle with additional patients.

The crowd started in the morning before opening the hospital gate. The numbers of female patients are more than male. The service is available from 8:00 am to 2:30 pm daily.

Currently, there are 23 health workers including 5 doctors in charge. There are three types of health testing at a low cost. 510 patients received services yesterday. Of these, 320 were women and 210 were men.

However, the patients said that doctors don’t observe the patient properly or do not give medicines. There is nothing but harassment.

Nurul Anwar, a young man came from the Gomdondi area of Boalkhali with skin problems expressed his anger over the service. “I used to hear the reputation of the hospital but there is no treatment here at all. The doctor prescribed the medicine without hearing about the disease,” he complained. 

“There are only 5 doctors. There is a crowd of an average of 400 to 500 patients per day. The number of nurses is not sufficient. So it’s quite impossible for us to serve all the patients properly. Yet doctors are trying to do their best. Besides, the manpower is not enough. There is also lacking an office assistant. We don’t have any security guard; an office assistant has been given night duty,” said Medical Officer Dr Samira Jamal

She added that there are many limitations, including the lack of medical equipment.

Dr. Samira Jamal urged the authorities to increase the manpower. “Due to traditional reasons, the number of patients is huge. But the facilities didn’t increase in the meantime. The facilities, on the contrary, were diminishing. But considering the patient, more doctors need to be given here. It is important to increase other manpower as well,” she added. 

Notably, the World Health Organization established the clinic in 1956. Initially, the clinic provided medical treatment to the people concerned with the port. Later, it opened for all. In the beginning, the clinic was served by foreign doctors. As a result, it became known as the American Hospital.

The Divisional Health Director controls the all administrative work of the hospital including manpower. However, medical materials including medicines are sent directly from the ministry.

After informing the manpower crisis, the Department Director (Health) Dr. Hasan Sahriar Kabir said that the crisis in Chattogram was relatively low compared to other districts of the division. “I have informed the authorities about the crisis. However, efforts are on to resolve the crisis,” he added.