Traditional three-story mud house...

Dhaka, Thursday   22 October 2020

Traditional three-story mud house

 Bogura Correspondent

 Published: 03:16 PM, 22 September 2020  

Traditional three-story mud house

Traditional three-story mud house

Mud houses are quite comfortable during winter and summer. The rich people in the village used to spend a lot of money to build mud houses. But at present that mud houses are now on the verge of extinction.

Nimaidighi village of Nandigram upazila of Bogura holds the tradition of rural Bengal. The 43 years old three-story house has seven rooms.

The three-story mud house is located at Nimaidighi village in Thalta Majgram UP, about 20 km west-north of Nandigram Upazila Sadar. The tin shed mud house was built on 12 acres of land.

The mud house looks a lot like a palace. The house was built in 1976 by Abdur Rashid Mandal, a resident of the village. He built this house as a hobby. His only son Idris Ali Mandal has been living there since his death. However, he still has these memories.

Idris Ali Mandal said the walls are made 20-30 inches wide by soaking the soil, straw, and water into mud. It takes quite a bit of time to build the walls as one cannot just raise a wall this tall without working in phases. In each phase one builds one to one-and-a-half feet of the wall. After a few days, when it dries, walls of the same height are built on it again. In this way, the three-story house has been built 35-40 feet high. Normally it takes 5 months to build a three-story mud house. However, it took about 9 months to complete the house with the help of 50 workers.  There is a ladder to climb to the third floor.

Idris Ali Mandal, his wife, one son, and two daughters are currently living in the house. However, if properly preserved, the house can become one of the most tourist places in rural Bengal. Every day people come from different places come here to see the house.

Thalata Mazgram UP Chairman Abdul Matin said it carries the tradition of rural Bengal. This is the largest three-story mud house in the upazila. At present mud houses have been replaced by brick, cement, sand, and rod houses. However, Nimaidighi village is a place of great interest for tourists and bearers of the ancient heritage of rural Bengal.