Tower of inscribing 99 names of Allah being built in Rangpur ...

Dhaka, Thursday   25 February 2021

Tower of inscribing 99 names of Allah being built in Rangpur 

 Rangpur Correspondent

 Published: 05:16 PM, 25 January 2021   Updated: 05:26 PM, 25 January 2021

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

The construction work for a huge 'minar' (tower) inscribed with the 99 names of Allah is in progress  at the Ershad junction of Ranipukur and Khoragach UP on the Rangpur-Vendabari road. 

Although the artwork is not completed, people are coming from far and wide to see it and take pictures while devout Muslims praise it. 

However, the construction work of the tower is nearing completion and when the construction work will be completed, the 99 names of Allah will be uttered there 24 hours a day through automatic sound system with a beautiful lighting system.

The inauguration of the construction of the tower was started on September 9, 2020 by Khoragach UP chairman Asaduzzaman Asad who also gave the design on it. Although most of the construction work has been completed, there is still some work to be done. The height of the two feet by two feet square pillar will be 27 feet, costing of tk 1,60,000.