Tourists’ suffering in unplanned urbanization...

Dhaka, Saturday   17 April 2021

Tourist city Cox’s Bazar

Tourists’ suffering in unplanned urbanization

 HM Faridul Alam Shaheen, Cox`s Bazar

 Published: 05:25 PM, 25 February 2021  

Dolphin Square, the main spot of Cox’s Bazar city

Dolphin Square, the main spot of Cox’s Bazar city

The natural beauty of Cox’s Bazar is being ruined due to unplanned urbanization. One of the major tourist cities of the country is turning into a city of traffic and trash, resulting in the increase of tourists’ sufferings. 

The traffic jam is the daily scene at Kolatoli Intersection, also known as Dolphin Square. Locals and tourists are facing extreme suffering due to traffic congestions. 

Cox’s Bazar Bus Terminal on one side of Dolphin Square, Kolatoli Beach on the other side, Sugandha-Laboni Point and Cox’s Bazar City on the right. Every road is constantly crowded with small and big vehicles. Due to the congestions, Dolphin Square has become a “hotspot for accidents”.

Cox’s Bazar Bus Terminal-Dolphin Square road where traffic congestions are a constant part of the road

Hundreds of illegal establishments were built around Dolphin Square, as a result, the roads are becoming narrow which is the main cause of traffic congestions and accidents, said Omar Sultan, president of Guest House-Rest House Owners Association of the tourist city. “It is impossible to solve this problem without planned urbanization.”

Not only in Dolphin Square but also there are hundreds of illegal establishments in the entire Cox’s Bazar town. Some influential built installations by occupying government’s highway lands, said Retired Colonel Forkan Ahmed, chairman of the Cox’s Bazar Development Authority. 

To facilitate the planned urbanization, a list of illegal occupants who occupied the roads from Kolatoli to Holiday intersection via Shaheed Sharani in Bazarghata and Baharchara, Tekpara, PTI, Tarabania Chara, Ali Jahal and Bus Terminal areas has been prepared, he further said. “Eviction drives are underway in these places.”

Tourists’ and locals’ suffering is continuously increasing due to long-distance vehicles and illegal autorickshaws at Dolphin Square

Besides, long-distance vehicles and illegal autorickshaws are being controlled in one of the major tourist cities of the country to alleviate traffic congestion and sufferings of tourists, Retired Colonel Forkan Ahmed said. 

Cox’s Bazar Municipal Mayor Mujibur Rahman said extensive development work is underway in the town. The municipality and Cox’s Bazar Development Authority are working together to beautify the city and widen the roads. If the ongoing development project is implemented, Cox’s Bazar will once again become a tourist-friendly city, he added.