Alexa Tourist spot Dibir Haor ‘needs protection’

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Tourist spot Dibir Haor ‘needs protection’

 Sylhet Correspondent

 Published: 12:38 PM, 30 November 2018   Updated: 12:38 PM, 30 November 2018



Dibir Haor, a beautiful tourist spot surrounded by mountain at the foot of Meghalaya state of India, was off the radar even four years back, but it has turned out to be a great destination of tourists in a much less time than expected, thanks to the media for their constant coverage since 2014.  

Hundreds of tourists arrive here each day to enjoy the scenic beauty of Dibir Haor in Jaintapur Upazila.

There are four beels - Dibi Beel, Yam, Horofkata and Kendree Beel - where water lilies are grown naturally in around 900 acres of land. During winter, these beels wear an attractive look with the blooming of water lilies and the entire place looks like a carpet decorated with the red water lilies. 

Besides, the chirping of birds makes it more attractive to tourists. This scenic beauty remains visible till 12:00 pm from dawn. 

“Pan, Pani o Nari-Ei tiney Jaintapuri” (Betel, water and women, these three make Jaintapuri), is the description that the locals say. 

The place is also full of natural and mineral resources.

Known as Shaplar Beel, Dibir Haor, however, could not escape the evil eyes of land grabbers, raising the eyebrows of the tourists, who say the government intervention has now become essential to protect it.

Of late, they put their greedy look at the land of the beels and their gangs are out to invade it in many ways, allege locals.

The grabbers have already destroyed the sight of Horofkata beel by grazing buffaloes in the beel as well as picking up roots of water lilies for sale. 

Defying lease rules, they have already destroyed its beauty by flushing out the water of Kendree beel.

Local voluntary organisations, nature lovers and tourists are now demanding cancellation of the lease to stop their ill efforts to destroy the beauty of the haor. 

A human chain was formed in front of Sylhet Central Shaheed Minar at the initiative of Bangladesh Poribesh Andolon (BAPA) demanding immediate government steps to protect the beels.

Besides, a memorandum containing their demand was handed over to the Deputy Commissioner of the district. 

Many tourists said the sight and scenery of the beels Khasia, surrounded by Jaintia Hill, greatly attract them. Besides, they said, there is the grave of Jaintia Kingdom King Vijay Singh, another historic symbol.

They demanded the government that the lease agreement signed with the “land grabbers” be cancelled.