Alexa Touch clouds in Barek Tila

Dhaka, Monday   17 February 2020


Touch clouds in Barek Tila

 Jahangir Alam Bhuiyan, Sunamganj

 Published: 04:23 PM, 28 February 2019  

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Barek Tila, a beauty of nature adjoining Meghalaya Hills in Haor's daughter Sunamganj’s Thirpur has a great potentiality as promising place of tourism industry. Barek Tila's aesthetic look on 365 acres of land has attracted the attention of the locals as well as domestic and foreign tourists.

Barek Tila, full of natural resources, is known as 'Eiffel Tower' to the locals. From the high elevation of the Tila, surrounding villages seems like flat lands. The beautiful Jadukata River fluttering with clear water and its greasy sand increases the beauty of the area besides. The fascinating nature as if the cloud is touching the hand.

Millions of visitors gathered in Barek Teela of Tahirpur to see the new scenes of the mountains and clouds. Barek Tila may blow a new image in the urban busy life.

Sohail Ahmed, a visitor to Barek Tila, said that boredom came in under the pressure of studies. So I have come here to break the annoyance. Barek Teela’s eternal natural beauty fascinated me. But some of the man-made problems in the natural beauty are making disorder in the Barek Teela. It should be kept under surveillance of the administration. Besides, maintenance of tourism area is also needed.

Masud Mia, a resident of Tahirpur Sadar, said that the beauty of Barek Teela has decreased from earlier. The land robbers have occupied a huge lands and ruined lots of trees as well as beauty of the area. Not even the biodiversity of the past. Besides, tribal people also left houses in the oppression of land occupants. So there is no mountain culture. Barketila is losing her beauty due to lack of administration’s interference. Visitors come less than before.

V UNO Purnendu Dev said that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has promised to build a tourism industry at Tangguar Haor, Barek Tila, and Teker Ghat in Tahirpur. If these promises are implemented, Tahirpur will be transformed into one of the tourist centers of the country.