Top onion exporter countries in world...

Dhaka, Tuesday   27 October 2020

Top onion exporter countries in world

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 Published: 07:18 PM, 18 September 2020   Updated: 07:43 PM, 18 September 2020

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Onion, currently one of the top subjects of discussion in Bangladesh as our neighbor country stopped its export recently. But, do you know who are in the top exporters’ list of onion? World’s Top Exports (WTEx), an educational site published the list of the worlds’ top 15 onion exporters in 2019. Those data have been presented here for Daily Bangladesh readers.

1. The Netherlands
The European country we know most for its amazing landscape and tulip fields. But the country earned US$815.2 million-selling onion which was 20.5percent of total onions exports.

2. China
East Asian country China contributed 15.2 percent of total onion export and earned  $604.4 million.

3. India
India, the neighbor country on which we depend most to import, was in the third position of the list selling onion worth $364.7 million. It was 9.1 percent of the total export.

4. Mexico
Mexico exports 8.9 percent of the world's onion and earned $356 million.

5. United States
The United States earned $287.7 million in 2019 by exporting onions 7.2 percent onion.

6. Egypt
Last year the country had a contribution of 6.8 percent and earned $272.5 million. Bangladesh almost always imports onions from this country.

7. Spain
The country earned $216.7 million last year by exporting 5.4 percent onions. 

8. New Zealand
The country sold onions worth $114 million last year and made a contribution of 2.9 percent of total exports.

9. Poland
The country earned $104.3 million by exporting 2.6 percent of total onions.

10. France
The European country exported a total of 2.6percent onion and earned $96.1 million.

11. Peru
The South American country earned $85.6 million exporting 2.1 percent onion.

12. Turkey
The country of the Middle East sold onions worth $53 million exporting 1.3percent onion.

13. Germany
The European country earned $45.1 million from 1.1 percent export.

14. Italy
Italy earned $43 million from the same amount of export as Germany.

15. Canada
The North American country is in the 15th position selling onions worth $41.9 million from 1.1 percent of total export.   

By value, the listed 15 countries shipped 87.8% of global onions exports in 2019.