Tom Hardy to ‘replace’ Daniel Craig as next James Bond...

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Tom Hardy to ‘replace’ Daniel Craig as next James Bond

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 Published: 06:06 PM, 19 September 2020  

Tom Hardy to ‘replace’ Daniel Craig as next James Bond

Tom Hardy to ‘replace’ Daniel Craig as next James Bond

‘Venom’ actor Tom Hardy may replace Daniel Craig, the main protagonist of the ‘James Bond’ franchise films, as the next 007. 

According to Dailymail, Tom Hardy is one of the favorites to become the next James Bond in recent years, and rumors have been circulating that he will step into Craig’s shoes after his fifth and final film ‘No Time To Die’.

Although it has not been officially confirmed, the Vulcan Reporter claimed that Hardy has been ‘finalized’ for the role since auditioning back in June. 

However, they said the announcement may be delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Hardy is one of the actors who previously ‘rumored to play’ the next Bond, with others including Tom Hiddleston, Idris Elba and Richard Madden.

Meanwhile, Pierce Brosnan, who played Bond from 1994 to 2005, told the Daily Mail that he believed Tom Hardy is the best choice to play the British spy well. “Daniel Craig has been an incredible Bond. He’s very physical, he looks lethal. You genuinely believe this is someone who could kill a man,” he said.

“He’s complained about doing the part because he’s put himself through a lot physically, but he will do the next movie, and then I think Tom Hardy could be a good Bond,” Pierce Brosnan added.

James Bond’s next franchise film ‘No Time To Die’ is scheduled to release on November 12, after it was pushed from its original release date in April because of the global pandemic.

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