Alexa Tk 10 lakh rehab-loan for returned expats

Dhaka, Sunday   15 December 2019

Tk 10 lakh rehab-loan for returned expats

 Shahadat Hossain Rakib

 Published: 05:35 PM, 20 November 2019   Updated: 10:25 PM, 20 November 2019

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Every year, thousands of people from Bangladesh going to abroad for employment but many of them returned home for various reasons. The Probashi Kolayn Bank is providing loans for the rehabilitation of these people.

It is learned that If anyone returned home from abroad after staying at least five years and apply for a business or project will given loan at least 10 lakh taka after scrutinizing all documents.

Rehabilitation loan borrowing sectors:
1. Agricultural loan scheme.
2. Medium-sized agriculture-based industrial loan scheme.
4. Chicken farm project.
5. Fisheries farming project.
6. Biogas Plant Project.
7. Solar Energy Sector Project.
8. Information technology-based entrepreneurial loan scheme.
9. Ekti bari ekti khamar project.
10. Small and cottage industry projects for women entrepreneurs.
11. Cow fatening project.
12. Dairy farming project.
Primary eligibility for loan:

1. Applicant must be returned overseas and must have valid paperwork in order to get a rehabilitation loan.

2. The applicant must apply within five years of returning from abroad.

3. After starting a valid business or project one can apply for loan.

4. The property which provided for security must be the applicant's own or his father's.

5. To get loan you will have to submit along with the property ownership document.

Documents for loan:

1. Applicant's bio-data with family information.

2. Applicant's three copies attested photo, attested photocopy of voter NID card, attested copy of citizen certificate with present and permanent address.

3. Photocopy of trade license by now.

4. Project details with address and if the project is new you have to submit probable income and expenditure statement for the next two years.

5. Location of the project: (a) Photocopy of the contract if rented, (b) Ownership certificate if its own place, (c) Two years profit-loss calculation and own investment amount information should be submitted if the project is old.

6. You have to submit a certified photocopy of the land documents or pamphlets or deposits of the Khatiyan and treasures as security.

7. Each of the sponsors' two copies attested photo, attested photocopy of NID card, attested copy of current address and permanent address with the municipality or union council certificate.

8. Papers of the financial institution of the sponsor.

9. Verified photocopy of all papers related to returning from abroad.

10. Certificate of Applicant's Experience:

a) Certificate of any training or experience for the project of poultry farming, cattle farming, fisheries, etc.
b) Details of hands-on work, furniture making, and any other profession.

11. Names, addresses and phone numbers of two persons financially and socially established.

12. Loan information: a) Personal loan details (details of any other loan), b) Details of loan taken from a company, NGO, bank.

13. Affidavit of Loan repayment.
Loan charges and regulations:

1. The interest rate for this loan is 11 percent.
2. Depending on the type of project, the grace period of the loan will be determined.
Md. Jasim Uddin, deputy managing director of the Probashi Kolyan Bank, told Bangladesh Daily that one have to apply along with the necessary documents for a rehabilitation loan. If the initial application is accepted, the original loan form should be filled out and submitted. After verifying everything loan will be given.

Assistant Vice President of the bank Hasna Heena Parveen said that those who returned to the country after staying abroad for at least five years will be given a rehabilitation loan.

She further said that although the minimum amount of loan is not fixed, a maximum loan of Tk 10 lakh is given.